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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Friends suspect foul play in death of Customs officer - Edisi Penuh Malaysiakini.

Edisi Penuh Malaysiakini
The mystery surrounding Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed's death at the Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Anti -Corruption Commission (MACC) headquarters will be the subject of continuous debate in the coming days.
However, friends close to him believe foul play was involved.

A colleague of Ahmad Sarbani, who declined to be named, said he and the deceased had worked together in Port Klang.

"They (MACC) had accused him of being on the take but we know the truth. He was the cleanest officer and a well-liked person by all staff."

NONE"We know who is really on the take and who is not and Ahmad Sarbani (left) was certainly not," they said.

The person claimed that the MACC had forced the senior Customs officer to admit to being involved in allegations of wrongdoing by threatening to put him to jail.

"They showed prison clothes to him (during the MACC interrogation) and threatened him.
"Hence, he was forced to admit," he said.

However, after he had related what had transpired to his friends, they had advised him against admitting to anything since since he had done no wrong.

'Determined to let truth out
"He was determined to retract what he had said by bringing relevant documents yesterday to the MACC, and this was what happened.

"I am telling you this to maintain the deceased's honour and dignity, which has been tarnished by such reports and statements.
"He cannot speak for himself as the dead do not rise. We cannot go to our department to find justice as its officers are facing allegations.
"Hence, I am letting you know this so the truth will be out," he said.

The man said he could not reveal his identity for fear of the repercussions, insisting that he wanted to set the record straight as he did not want Ahmad Sarbani's maruah (honour) to be tarnished.

The person said he knew this as he had been close to Ahmad Sarbani and knew he "was not on the take".

Which assistant director (Ahmad Sarbani) would commute via motorcycle daily to work, he asked.

"He had a car but was willing to do so as what he earned clearly came from his paycheque," he said.

Scheduled to perform Haj
The man said it was illogical for Ahmad Sarbani to commit suicide as some had claimed, as he had confided in him that he wanted to perform the haj pilgrimage this year.
Suicide is seen by Muslims as being among the heinous of sins, its perpetrator condemned to the worse of God's punishments.
"He (Ahmad Sarbani) had made arrangements to go with his wife and parents via a package arranged by an ustaz," he said.

"Why would he resort to this (suicide) when such arrangements (for the haj) had been made? He is not that kind of person."
Another colleague who also spoke on condition of anonymity said he could not believe what they read in papers as to the manner of his death.
"We all do not trust newspapers anymore and the MACC's statements as we knew Ahmad Sarbani ourselves," they said.

He was soft spoken, good hearted, was not ill-tempered, in addition to being respected by staff and forwarding agents.

"He was sincere, clean and hardworking and all of us do not believe this graft allegation.
"Why would he go there to the MACC unless summoned to do so?" they asked. This defies logic, they added.

"Friends and relatives. Many of us who knew him are still in shock over what had happened and we do not trust the MACC after what had happened to Teoh Beng Hock."

Teoh, a witness in the Selangor MACC investigation, was found dead after being held overnight on July 16, 2009.

A female officer was heard saying the MACC are only interested in catching small fish but not the big fish who are still roaming free.

Another man who knew the deceased said he was upset over reports on Ahmad Sarbani case as published by some Malay dailies.

"Some even printed the wrong picture and made unfounded allegations," he said.

NONEAhmad Sarbani who went to the MACC Kuala Lumpur office in Jalan Cochrane, was said to have done so to meet an investigating officer.

He fell from the third floor of the four- storey building and landed on a badminton court still under construction.

Federal Territory police chief Zulkifli Abdullah said the case has been classified as sudden death and a special task force had been set up to investigate the death.

It is headed by Kuala Lumpur CID chief Ku Chin Wah.

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