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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Miri, 6 April 2011 - It does look like it doesn’t it. Its like DEJAVU once again (remembering the 2 cornered fights between DAP and Gerakan in Penang during the 2008 General Elections). Only this time DAP have learnt from their mistake in Perak and put Leon Jimat Donald in Simanggang to cover the non Chinese aspect of DAP winning in Sarawak. Can you see it ?

SUPP have had it rough, they have not had the time nor the manpower to learn from Gerakan and MCA or even read the history books to understand why there were loses that were sustained by the Chinese component parties in Barisan Nasional. The year 2008 was exactly like the year 1969. The “same” states had fallen. The same rigorous negotiations were made on the sidelines to keep Barisan Nasional in power. But how different is Sarawak ?

On the ground, DAP have made inroads into the middle and lower income groups. If Barisan Nasional is banking on the Diamond structure to ensure its win in the elections (where the percentage of poor is extremely small), then the fight is where the middle class sit. Is this the ground that SUPP have been engaging for the past one and a half years or more leaning to DAP ? Are taxi drivers in the middle class bracket ? Questions and questions, so many questions.

One particular area that interests me is Pujut in Miri. This is Andy Chia of SUPP’s seat. This is a person who has done a lot for the community and one of the few Barisan Nasional Leaders who is so easily approachable. Yes, this man is approachable. Just look at his Facebook and you will see that this man has not being doing a ‘tango’ just for the elections, but has been working hard for a long time to bring wealth / health / and prosperity to the people of Pujut. It is a dismay that the sentiment on the ground is to change to DAP. Yes, just like Sibu, change to DAP. After that it doesn’t really matter because the Opposition have no answers for us too, what more for me to write and explain something that isn’t there ?

When the Opposition do win, they will probably do what Barisan Nasional have been doing to them all this while, ‘STOP’ all Barisan Nasional Leaders from the Peninsular to ever enter into Sarawak, and that will have Sarawak lost to Barisan Nasional for probably the next 50 years. Why not ? If there is no outside influence from Barisan Nasional, the Opposition can comfortably make this into their own little ‘empire separate from the Peninsular and much further than Penang. It’s quite easy actually for them.

I’m not here to take sides, and welcome emails or comments from the Opposition Leaders to the run up to the Sarawak Elections. We will publish all news fair and just, but don’t ask us to help make up the minds of the people, that’s for them to do. – KritisOnline

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