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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

HINDRAP semakin biaDAP. Perkasa akan buat laporan Polis

Hindraf makin melampau. Kali ini sangat melampau. Presiden minta semua ADT Perkasa yang berkesempatan dapat bersama Presiden ke Ibupejabat Polis Daerah dang Wangi sebelah Kompleks Campbell jam 2.30 petang hari ini. 

Presiden sendiri akan buat laporan laporan Polis.

Terima Kasih. SUA Perkasa

Urgent Request to make Representations to the Government of Malaysia on the Crackdown and possible violence by UMNO sponsored underworld “3 Line”, Pekida and Extremist Perkasa on Human Rights Advocates organising Solidarity March against UMNO racism in Malaysia on 27th February 2011.
Mahatma Gandhi ? Barack Obama ? adakah mereka pejuang Kemerdekaan Malaysia ?


HINDRAF to organize People’s march for SOLIDARITY AGAINST UMNO/BN RACISM”.
Despite various repeated attempts by the Malaysian Indian community, the UMNO/BN government refuse to remove the “INTERLOK” novel as a compulsory read for the Form Fivers.
Where countries are moving and building nationhood by abolishing racism, the UMNO government aided and abetted by their allies are encouraging racism further to extend their political hegemony through the artificial Malay supremacy agenda.
The absence of national affinity and shared destiny for all citizens of Malaysia is clearly obvious as we can see by arrogance of UMNO and its mandores in sidestepping the concern of the Malaysian Indian in regards to this controversial novel that promotes caste epithets, ethnic slurs, racial prejudices, and communal stereotyping in the mind of the young.
“Interlok” is nothing but an engineered plan by UMNO to further plant the seed of racism and segregation in schools and in the mind of the youths similar to the programs that is run by the BTN (Biro Tata Negara).
Tolerance and co-existence has been abused and misused, patience has been taken for granted endlessly. It is time to bury racism in Malaysia and it is the time to take the bull by the horn.
UMNO has to go. RACISM has to go.
Please join us in our march to show solidarity against racism perpetrated by UMNO and its allies.
HINDRAF National Co-ordinator


  1. apa 'tahi lembu' nya ? Hairan betul kenapa ada gambar Mahatma Gandhi dan Barrack Obama ?

  2. Dia orang ni Rasis betul laaa....

  3. diorang sebut 'segregration in schools', Hindraf sokong Satu Sekolah ke ?? hehehehe..

  4. Minority duduk ontok-ontok...majority wins...nothing to do with Interlok..Interlok telah digunakan lama dah baru kaum yang mengenal dirinya sendiri saje terasa hati.....bolayan....

  5. apahal kaitkan 3line?