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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

TERKINI - RPK dakwa Azmin Ali KORUP - Tahun 1995 Gaji RM2400 tapi miliki aset RM1.5 juta & Cash RM10 juta

Files proved Azmin is corrupt, says RPK



"The blogger says there are paper trails showing the Gombak MP owning shares, houses and cars totalling about RM1.5 million and almost RM10 million in cash."


Firebrand Raja Petra Kamaruddn claimed to have "buried" files showing PKR deputy president Azmin Ali's involvement in graft when he was still with the government in 1995.


The self-exiled Malaysia Today webmaster also implicated PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim whom he alleged in his latest posting today to have ordered the cover-up of the probe on Azmin at the time.


Anwar was then the deputy prime minister while Azmin, known to many as the former's "blue-eyed boy", was his private secretary.


The fugitive blogger said a disillusioned high-ranking officer with the then Anti-Corruption Agency had met him in London to hand over a thick file of hundreds of documents which contained enough evidence to charge the PKR No 2.


The case, however, was allegedly classified as "no further action" under Anwar's instruction.


Vincent Tan's payroll


"The file remained buried all this while until my Deep Throat in the MACC [which is the successor to ACA) was able to exhume it and run me a copy of the entire file.


"I must say that the contents of the file, which took quite a while to read, is not only most interesting but is extremely damaging to both Azmin and Anwar," the Selangor royalty said.


Among those highlighted is one showing the PKR deputy president purportedly receiving a monthly stipend of RM15,000 from the Berjaya Group tycoon Vincent Tan.


Other files are paper trails showing the Gombak MP owning shares, houses and cars totalling about RM1.5 million and almost RM10 million in cash. The cheques are said to have flowed through Azmin's and his wife, Shamsidar Taharin's, bank accounts.


"All these transactions were confirmed and certified by the banks concerned, as the attached reports show," he said, referring to the published "confidential" ACA files on his website.


Luxury assets


The files were filed under the Officials Secrets Act and showed assets owned by Azmin and wife did not commensurate with Azmin's RM2,400 monthly salary then while the combined payment of the couple was only RM4,500.


Raja Petra also published the statement made by the ACA officer in charge of the investigation stating his "sense of duty" to reveal the corrupt practices of both Azmin and Anwar which included details of the former's assets allegedly owned through corruption.


The properties included, among others, a BMW 325i, a Proton Wira 1.6 Xli, a Proton Satria 1.6 Xli. A Proton Perdana 2.0 SE, 1000 lots of Hicom shares and an 8,500 sq ft house at No 23, Jalan 1/4D Bukit Mas, Taman Melawati valued at RM210,000.


Investigations also showed Azmin owning a double-storey bungalow in Setapak priced at RM284,118 with a deposit of RM14,181 and a monthly instalment of RM3,3760.75.


The ACA officer questioned the directive to halt investigations despite having in possession clear evidence implicating Azmin.


Azmin could not be contacted at press time for comment

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