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Monday, March 19, 2012

Kritis-Online : Rafizi should have done a better job

Helloooooo peeeps !!! How are you handsome guyzzzz and beautiful girlzzzz today ? Miss me ? Are you sure ? I hope you did because I misseeeeed you too.

Yesterday was a field day for both the Opposition and BN in the cyberfield. Both trying to out do each other with who knows best and who knows MORE in the case of the ShangriLa quotations given out by our buddy Rafizi. Yes, he was on to something till KO smelled a rat. A rat that stank so much that it left me no choice but to go to ShangriLa myself and snoop around to get the info that I needed, rather than read the garbage being thrown at us on cybersphere. Both by the Opposition and BN. Do they call this Malaysia News ? Are you sure it is ?

After a couple of hours of snooping around, having a few glasses of VERY EXPENSIVE coca cola, I have come to conclusion that my dear buddy Rafizi has nothing more than a few QUOTATION's from the Shang. Wow ! Quotations is what we get when we ask a hotel or a service provider to QUOTE something for us. It is not final. It is not the end game. It doesn't end there. Any hotel will provide you with a Quotation hence I personally do not believe that it was a hotel staff that gave out the QUOTATION to my buddy Raifizi because he could have asked for it himself, addressed to PMO. Its that simple. Why don't you try it. Call up the Shang, tell them your kid is going to have an engagement, ask them to fax you a quotation and you can UP: it to anyone you like. You can call yourself the Prime Minister and nobody will bother because its an event and who pays is whats matters.

How can an engagement event become such a issue ? Its not like the Prime Minister bought over the Shangri La with our money ? Did he ? Would that be a juicy story for you ? What also smelt fishy was when I read in the pro Opposition portal Malaysian Insider that the PM had paid for this engagement out of his own pocket. Now why would a pro Opposition portal side with the Prime Minister they have sworn to bring down ?

Politics is such a dirty game. Today they are your enemy, tommorrow they are your best friend. What happens after that is anybody's guess. Its a blame game till the very end.

Anwar Ibrahim and PKR know that this election is do or die. There is no turning back now and the 13 General Election is the mother of all general elections. DAP and PAS on the other hand have their strongholds and are not so hell bent in taking over Putrajaya as they are cautious and would rather play the wait and see game. Penang and Kelantan are untouchable, and if they win a few more, hey ! why not.
The sound on the ground is that the Opposition will win with a landslide victory marching the Opposition right to Putrajaya. This is not denied by the many agency's which have time and time again advised the ruling party that their time is up, better start packing before its too late.

The people are unforgiving in all the nonsense and rubbish they have been thrown at all this while. Transformation needs to start with the eradication of CORRUPTION. Then and only then will the nation have a need to keep the present ruling party in Government. If the will is swayed by the few, then the majority will sway in the next General Election.

Don't tell me later, that I didn't tell you now. - Susan Loo

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