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Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Undi Anwar tempah Bilik Neraka". PAS is now burning away - ENGLISH EDITION

This is not slander. This is the fact that PAS is quite apparent in their official media HARAKAH. This statement is made as a warning to PAS once. But PAS is still violating the specified warning.


Let us see what happens? Nik Aziz is getting senile to defend Anwar Ibrahim. Of PAS who had been the main pillar of the opposition side are now just 'Melukut di tepi gantang'. While everyone knows the strength of the most powerful engine of PAS are committed members of their party.


Dr. Hasan Ali tried to warn the PAS and the leadership of Anwar Ibrahim. But what happened? He dismissed immediately without the space justice. This is a communist-style autocratic action by the leadership of PAS. The question is for what reason? The reason is infallible standard of Anwar Ibrahim Mahdi? And because Nik Aziz is infallible standard of the Prophet?


Anyone who criticized Anwar Ibrahim will be considered enemies of Islam. Anyone who criticized Anwar Ibrahim is considered contempt of PAS leader Nik Aziz's good. This is exactly what has happened. This is the true story of the PEOPLE need to know. The stories that have damaged the unity of Muslims in Malaysia


Anwar Ibrahim is not infallible. He is a LIAR. I am not talk or TURMOIL. Please ask his close friends. How many have been cheated Anwar Ibrahim on 16 September to Putrajaya promises that his own counsel, who is also Chairman of the DAP to apply for Anwar Ibrahim REPENTANCE!


Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) owner of the Malaysia-Today is breeding information, the opposition also confirmed that Anwar Ibrahim is a LIAR. Cheating PEOPLE that he did not know that Datuk  Eskay who publish Anwar's sex video out, but RPK himself confirmed that Anwar Ibrahim introduced Datuk Eskay to him. RPK himself bears witness to the FRAUD AND LIES of ANWAR IBRAHIM.


Now we are seeing PAS lick their own spit (Jilat Ludah Sendiri). The warning 'UNDI ANWAR YEMPA BILIK NERAKA "which has ignored really make PAS EAT THEMSELVES. PAS is increasingly weak and not able to be a major force in the opposition. This is an embarrassing when PAS is one of the earliest established parties against the DAP and PKR


Until when PAS members and leaders want to continue to believe Anwar Ibrahim, who strongly supported by Nik Aziz? PAS should stop support for Anwar Ibrahim and a return to Islamic struggle



RockyKCD - Hehe I use Google Translator to translate the previous article in the English edition. Got nothing better to do atm :)

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