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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rakyat Thailand bersyukur dengan bantuan kemanusian Kerajaan & Rakyat Malaysia

Thai governor grateful for timely aid

SONGKHLA: Malaysia's sensitivity and humanitarian aid missions to help the people in flood-hit Thailand prove the strong "brotherly" ties between both countries, said Songkhla Region governor Winyu Thongsakul.

"The floods are the worst in Thailand in 50 years, and Malaysia's timely aid has helped to ease the burden of victims.

"The kind gesture proves that Malaysia and Thailand are like brothers. On behalf of the Thais, I thank the Malaysian government and all Malaysians for the aid and contributions."

Winyu said this after receiving three trailers of dry food and mineral water worth RM100,000 at the 42nd Infantry Battalion, here, on Tuesday.

The supply was handed over by St John Ambulance Malaysia of Kedah state commander, Datuk Dr Ch'ng Kok Heong.

Present were the mission coordinator, who is also the prime minister's special functions officer, Datuk Latt Shariman Abdullah, Malaysia consul-general in Songkhla Mohd Aini Atan and Malaysian Siamese Association committee member Senator Boon Som Inong.

Latt Shariman said this was the third such aid mission sent to the flood-stricken country.

"However, we will stop sending the mission temporarily to make preparations to face the possibility of floods in our country."

About one-third of Thailand is still inundated, forcing 2.1 million people from more than 8,000 villages in 25 regions in the northern and middle parts of the country to evacuate their homes since July 25.

Read more: Thai governor grateful for timely aid http://www.nst.com.my/nst/articles/13senss/Article#ixzz1dGT3Mh1j

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  1. ini adalah balasan Allah kepada mangkok hayun Thaksin yang mebunuh ribuan orang islam di Thailand. Di Tak bai ratusan pemuda islam mati lemas dihimpit ke dalam lori yang sempit. tsunami dan lain2 adalah balasan terhadap kekejaman orang islam oleh Thaksin dan sekarang terkena kepada adik beliau. in a way..YOU DESERVE IT