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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kelab Chedet - Kepentingan menjadi Majoriti Melayu di Malaysia

by Mantra @ www.kelabchedet.com
Have everyone forgotten that Malays made up 65% majority in Malaysia? Its a common rule, if u pissed the majority, bad things will happen.
We take example in Germany 1930, what the hell happened? How in the world the peace loving majority ending up becoming extremists and join Nazi, even in US too, even though Obama become 1st Black President, he is helping the majority 1st after that the black guys, he didnt come out any scathing remarks about the whites, he focused on mass economy which dominated by white guys. Check out his staff, he got more white guys than black guys compare with George Bush. The reason are simple, he needs the majority to calm down and work together with other minorities to settle their bigger issues. Look at his 1st foreign meetings, he don't meet up any black guys first such as Mandela, he meet the British Monarchy, Pope and other European white guys first. If he choose the way Najib choose, Mr Obama will ending up handling the re-formation of white guys extremists Klu Klux Klan and to make things worst many top generals in Pentagon are whites
I respected the government moves not to counter the Chinese people demands and criticsm by revealing the actual amount that the Chinese minority owned Malaysia. Basically I understand the actual reason was to maintain peace by containing the potential "STAB IN THE BACK" legend that might happened like in many countries such as Germany, Europe, Russia, Myanmar, Yugoslavia, Tutsi and Khutu (African Nations), China (Uighur issue) and our neighbour Indonesia in 1997.
I do hope people who are reading my comments do not underestimate the "STAB IN THE BACK LEGEND" situation, even the friendliest, kindest person can be turned into monstrous extremists. And its going to be ugly site.
If it happened in Malaysia, its going to be worst than previous 13th May, because its simple, today Chinese owned far more than Malays.
Today many malays were angry with the corrupted rich malays that got rich by clawing they way up by doing horrible stuff. But most of them only knew about rich malay guys. But if UMNO members got crazy and choose to publish all Chinese owned corporations and the areas they controlled, those angry malays going to turn their anger towards you and other chinese community. We take example KJ and his loot, why not reveal his partner too? Mr Patrick Lim which is a chinese guy?
By the way, those guys owned so much volume that only need to distribute to a mere 20% chinese population. And the malays only owned as much 25% of the riches which need to be distributed to a whopping 65% population. Thats why there are so many angry malays.
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