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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

YB Gobala saman RM12 juta ke atas S/U Agung PKR

Habis madu sepah dibuang - Itulah ungkapan yang dapat saya simpulkan melihat kepada keadaan yang dialami oleh YB Gobalakrishnan. Beliau yang begitu kuat berjuang bermati-matian dalam PKR selama 12 tahun, akhirnya difitnah sendiri oleh para pemimpin dan PKR sendiri. Sebelum itu semasa dalam parti pun dipanggil PARIAH oleh Azmin Ali.

Semakin lama semakin jelas bahawa PKR hanya parti untuk Anwar Ibrahim & kroninya sahaja. Sesiapa yang menentang, bakal menerima tekanan supaya tunduk kepada arahan pimpinan atasan. Dan apabila keluar parti, terus difitnah dan dituduh menerima wang sogokan dari parti lawan.

Jom berubah !


Independent Padang Serai parliamentarian N Gobalakrishnan has initiated legal action against PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution overr the latter's accusations that he was paid RM1.4 million to defect.

NONE“I am instituting legal action against YB Machang (Saifuddin), a notice of demand for libel, for his press statement stating that I was paid to betray the party,” said Gobalakrishnan (left) at a press conference in Parliament today.

The legal notice, which he plans to serve to Saifuddin in the House today, gives the Machang MP seven days from today to issue a retraction and an apology, failing which Gobalakrishnan has instructed his lawyers to file a defamation suit against the PKR secretary-general.

“The statement questioned our client's integrity and honesty by saying that our client has suddenly become rich after leaving the party, suggesting that our client had left the party after monetary rewards were given to him.

“Our client found the statements are factually wrong and were an attempt to assassinate our client's political career and an attempt to portray our client as a greedy, opportunistic and unprincipled politician,” said the letter, which Gobala read out to reporters.

He added that the suit, if it goes through, will be for RM12 million.

Asked why he was asking for such an amount, Gobalakrishnan said that this was RM1 million for each year he was a PKR member.

“I have been in PKR for 12 years. That was how long I was cheated... they say keadilan (justice) for all, but when Saifuddin uttered those statement, where was justice for me?” he queried.

The Padang Serai parliamentarian was accompanied by his lawyer, T Suresh.

'See you in court'

Meanwhile, when approached by reporters at the parliament lobby, Saifuddin was unperturbed.

“He can do what he want. It's his right. Let the court decide. Whether I will have to pay or not, how would I know?” he said.

Asked if he would issue a public apology, he flatly refused.

NONE“No. Why should I apologise? What should I apologise for? I have established my facts on the transaction. I saw he had a statement, but he seemed rattled,” the PKR leader said.

Saifuddin (right) also said that he had evidence that Gobalakrishnan was personally involved in the deal and not his family members as Gobalakrishnan had claimed.

“We shall deal with him in court. He is lying. Let him fight. Se you in court,” said Saifuddin.

Last week, Saifuddin had issued a press statement accusing Gobala of being paid to defect and mount attacks against PKR leaders. As proof of the now Independent MP's new-found wealth, he provided two recently-issued Hong Leong Bank cheques worth RM1.4 million which he said originated from a company Gobalakrishnan owns.

Gobalakrishnan, however, has refuted the claims, saying that the money was from a contractor instead and that the land belonged to his family, not himself. - Malaysiakini -


  1. PKR - Parti Koyak Rabak !

  2. 12 tahun berjuang dalam PKR pun jadi macam nie .. Yang masih dalam PKR apa tunggu lagi ?

  3. saman,kasi muflis saifuddin....hahahaha

  4. saifuddin dah gelabah. dia ingat gobala spesis pariah. amik ko !

  5. gobala pun kaki pusing..
    dgn tiba2 masyuukk...trus hentam pkr..
    korek apa lg dia dpt.. dll mp lompat..

  6. bab beli2 pengundi dgn merasuah mmg kje bn..
    1 org rm 100-200.jika byr 5000 pgundi=rm1juta
    byr projek2 segera..puluhan juta ringgit..
    baik beli wakil2 rakyat dgn belanja bbrp juta RM je... x pyah penat plihanraya.. dh dpt 'curi' wakil rakyat..