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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ibrahim to Nazri: Don't be childish

Perkasa chief and independent Pasir Mas parliamentarian Ibrahim Ali today hit out at Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Nazri Aziz, for challenging the Malay rights NGO to contest in a political election.

NONE"Perkasa is not a political organisation. As a person who is 'smart' Nazri knows this. Why is he challenging Perkasa in a political contest?" Ibrahim (left) asked reporters when met in the Parliament today.

In making the challenge, the parliamentarian alluded that Nazri, who is also Padang Rengas MP was exhibiting immature behaviour.

"We are just airing our views, if he wants to criticise our suggestions then do so (in an appropriate manner)... Don't be childish... He seems emotional and full of pride," he accused.

Ibrahim contended that it is this arrogance and emotional response of BN ministers that can distance people from the ruling coalition.

"If they are polite and wise in their dealing with people, then they can bring the people to BN. But if they act full of emotion, ego and pride, then this is what is causing people to be angry," chided Ibrahim.

NONEHowever he admitted that Perkasa is not that strong, admitting that while they have some votes, it may not be enough defeat Nazri (right) in Padang Rengas, though he said that he is just dispensing advice to the minister.

Ibrahim said he was responding to Nazri's retort against Perkasa for not agreeing to abolishing the race and religion entries in government and non-governmental forms.

The minister challenged Perkasa to field its candidate to compete with him in his parliamentary constituency in Padang Rengas, adding that the group could do what they wanted if it managed to get the people's mandate and win big in the elections.

"I have no problem in facing any candidate, including Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali," The Star daily reported Nazri as saying yesterday. - Malaysiakini-


  1. syabas dato ibrahim. teruskan perjuangan mu itu. kami sokong PERKASA..HIDUP PERKASA..HIDUP UMNO..HIDUP MELAYU...HIDUP MALAYSIA...

  2. nazri botak memang bodoh