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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tahniah ! Barua Melayu pertama diangkat sebagai pembantu Khalifah DAP

DAP appoints first Malay aide to sec-gen

Chinese-dominated DAP today made history of sorts by appointing a Malay as the political secretary to the party's top leader.

NONEThe aappointment of entrepreneur Zairil Khir Johari (left), son of Umno stalwart Mohd Khir Johari, to the post was announced today by secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.

This is the first time DAP has held a press conference to announce such an appointment and it is believed to be part of an effort to help the party shed its “anti-Malay or anti-Islam” tag given by Umno and its mouthpiece Utusan Malaysia.

Zairil, 28, holds a masters' degree in international studies and diplomacy from University of London and runs his own chocolate business.

“I am confident that with his wide experience, Zairil will bring a lot of positive contributions to the party,” Lim told the press conference at the party headquarters today.
Lim said that Zairil was appointed due to his “idealist and reformist” principles.

“When we talk about reforms, we talk about practical idealism. We also need to be pragmatic and practical to ensure that our duties are fulfilled.

“He is a very learned man and might be able to teach me things I do not know,” said Lim.
'Not because he is Malay'

Lim however denied Zairil's appointment was a gimmick designed to attract Malay support for the party.

“We did not appoint him because he is a Malay but because he is qualified. I look at his qualifications first. It is a coincidence that he is a Malay,” said Lim.
Lim said that DAP does not seek support from Malays alone but from all levels of society.

He said that Zairil had been observing DAP's activities and principles long before officially joining the party.

He adds that DAP will be increasingly looking at problems faced by the Malay community, particularly in the area of eradicating hardcore poverty.

“The Malay community must be the main recipient (of poverty eradication efforts) not because of ethnicity but because of needs,” he said.

Zairil told reporters that he has been given “many tasks” by Lim and will begin work today.

“There is no easy tasks when working for Lim. He is a hardworking boss who works 24 hours a day. As his subordinate, we need to work even harder - 25 hours a day,” he quipped. - Malaysiakini


  1. Do a background check.Mungkin old UMNO stalwart kita ni ado yang tak puas hati.Ada tender yang tak ngaso...tu pasal anak nak balas dendam.
    Cubo tengok anak Taib Mahmud, takkan ado nak belot do.Dah konyang lako.

  2. He is half-Chinese lah.

  3. teruskan zairil masuk DAP tu mana tau nko plak yg bleh melentur hati LGE khalifah Umar tu leee..he he Nik Aziz lum berjaya lg hu hu

  4. Taktik basi yg telah digunakan Lee Kuan Yew.

  5. hah hahaaaa ....

    Lim Guan Eng said he did not appoint Zairil because he is Malay but because he is qualified.

    Therefore, put Lim Guan Eng as the next Minister Besar of Kelantan ...
    and then the people of Kelantan will say we want Lim Guan Eng not because he is Chinese but because he is qualified

    ada berani ???

    PAS + PKR + DAP = bodoh + bangang + celako !!!