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Monday, September 13, 2010

Salam AidilFitri : Rasis & 1Malaysia

Salam Aidil Fitri kepada semua rakan-rakan. Hari Raya keempat saya sudah kembali bertugas seperti biasa memandangkan peruntukan cuti tahun selama 14 hari harus saya manfaatkan dengan baik. Untuk rekod sepanjang perkhidmatan saya lebih dari 5 tahun dalam syarikat, saya TIDAK PERNAH memohon cuti sakit. Alhamdullilah, begitu berharga kurniaan kesihatan badan & minda dari Allah.

Saya ingin berkongsi dua pandangan berbeza berkenaan Rasis & 1Malaysia yang dipetik dari forum KelabChedet.com supaya kita dapat menilai sejauh mana pengetahuan dan pemahaman kita tentang keharmonian kalangan pelbagai kaum di Malaysia. Walaupun 1Malaysia TIDAK disebut tetapi perbincangan ini tetap berkisar tentang gagasan 1Malaysia yang diilhamkan oleh Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Semoga apa yang dibincangkan akan memberi manfaat kepada kita semua.

Ikuti perbahasan lanjut berkenaan topik "Punca kenapa 1Malaysia sering disalah-tafsir oleh rakyat" di


Oh ya ! Sebelum itu mari kita bersama-sama merenung satu pandangan yang dipetik dari Malaysiakini.

Big Boss: So Mr PM, now you admit that the government under BN for the past 53 years has not been fair to the non-bumiputeras. But most of us who have been victimised are now in our 50s and 60s. We can't buy back time. Don't victimise our next generations. We can't buy back time, but our children and grandchildren are our hopes.

We shall open our eyes big and see what you can do before the next elections, and then we shall decide which way our votes will go to: either to let you and your BN gang remain in power, or put Pakatan Rakyat in Putrajaya.

This is what you can do:

1) Give equal opportunities in higher education, don't reserve the good courses for bumiputeras and place most non-bumiputras to the lousy courses;

2) Give equal business opportunities;

3) Employ more non-bumiputeras in higher and strategic management positions in government and government-linked corporations; and

4) Restore order in the police force and judiciary.

Pandangan dari forumer budakboy
Salam to all friends, Malaysians...

Racism is not that bad! Why I’m writing about this sensitive issue is not because I want to make a provocation. No! Far from it!.

"Malays, Chinese, Indians and all other races, lets live a life together in harmony..."

The main reason is because lately, I saw this issue been debate quite seriously, make lot of people more confuse. And I personally see that it look like will be no ending and time to time it become worst. I want to make it clear and simple hopefully everybody will understand. Hopefully!

First issue is about race. Resist is not that BAD! Why I’m saying this because race is like a ‘Big family’ a ‘Big Community’. Family itself is a small community. Example; Wan family, Sheikh Family, Din family, Wong family, Kumar family and so on. We in the family of course love to see our own family members excellent in every aspect. We love to see our family become top in every area that they join in. We love to support them. They of course will make us proud. "Who’s that guy eh?" "Oh, that is Syahril, from Zainul family". Simple isn`t it?

So it same goes to every RACE. Just a bigger scale of family. We love to see our own race become excel in every aspect. I thinks’ it self explain. Understand what I mean friends?

Second issues here are about the "Pertikaian Hak-hak orang Melayu di Malaysia". This issue I believe is quite more sensitive, but I hope we can read and understand it with an open mind.

My non-Bumi`s friends,

1) Malaysia was from the origin of 'Tanah Melayu'. Same goes to China. China establishment because of Chinese people established the country and also same goes to India. Everybody knows well about it. But still some people make it so complicated.

2) Don`t talk about the main origin! Some people want to make so call 'intelligence issue'. "Melayu bukan pribumi asal Tanah Melayu, is actually org asli". Yes it’s true. But why we don`t says that, everybody are from the Cave Man, Paleolithic and so on...

"The Paleolithic (or Paleolithic) Age, Era or Period, is a prehistoric era distinguished by the development of the first stone tools, and covers roughly 99% of human technological history. It extends from the introduction of stone tools by hominids such as Homo habilis million years ago, to the introduction of agriculture and the end of the Pleistocene around 12,000 BP. The Paleolithic era is followed by the Mesolithic."

Simple example is when you buy a house. The name in the 'geran' is Encik Osman. Now En Abu buy the house and changes the name to his own name. Is it that house is still Encik Osman`s house? Of course no! Don`t get yourself confuse with the small issue.

Hope everybody clear about it.

3) Some of us still don’t get my point isn`t? Ok, I give one simpler example.

You own a house, the house is big enough to bring your friends to stay in with you. Your friend come far far away and required a place to secure. Then you say "Come-come friends, stay in my house. Please!. You can do what you want to do, you can do business, and you can have a good life inside my house." Guest brings prosperous to our house. Everybody believed it isn`t?. I also believe most of religion love when we have guest to our house. In Islam we also believe it as 'membawa rezeki'.

Then when the time goes by, when your guest was doing good, become rich and richer. Since they were come from far far away and struggle with their live, of course their morale was so high. They will produce high motivation of so called 'pengganti or keturunan'.

Then, one day, they tell us "Hey, look...in this house, I’m doing good and bring prosperous to your house, NOW I want to have my own personal room". As a good person, we give them what they want. We think, it`s just a room. It doesn`t effect anything compare to what they bring good to our house.

Then one fine day, "Hey, look...I see you having good with your live without doing any good to you house yourself, NOW I want to have your 'Master bed room' and if possible also your kitchen and your toilet"

WHAT YOU WOULD SAY?? Simple isn`t it? Please don`t raise this issue anymore!

I say again one more time. I create this article (opinion) is not to make a provocation or to humiliate anybody. I have lots of good Chinese friends, Indian, Sikh and many more...they were so good to me. Sometime I believe them more than my own race. But please, my point is to make clear to all Malaysians. If we want to live in harmony and happy life, please don`t make this issue so complicated. Don`t believe on somebody that bring this issue and manipulate them so that they can get benefit out of it. Please! Please! and Please!. I want to see together we shake hand with No 'Perasaan wasangka dan dendam'.


Please share it with all your friends, especially non-Bumi`s so that we will together understand and don`t easily believe in people that have some Political Agenda. I Love Our Country. Let’s live a life together in harmony...
Pandangan dan penjelasan dari Exco KelabChedet, Saudara Nordin
Welcome on board budakboy !!

I am quite amazed of what you have written here but somehow it sounds more of a reflection of your own thought as “budakboy”.

I believe it’s not in anybody’s wish to complicate things further if they could see things as simple as you would like them to see. After all, why make a difficult choice if you have an easy way to solve it, but most of us are failed to see the problems as they are because it is easier said than done.

Perhaps most of us didn’t realise that the Malay is a very accommodative race if not the most in the world. The British ruled us on our own accord and invitation. We gave them a freehand to do whatever things they like to do, we have not even resisted them when they invited others to occupy our home, but that won’t simply change the status of the ownership of our home even how many “guests” the British may brought them to us, that’s why the British recognized the ownership of this country when they supposed to return it to whom it should be belong to.

To day, it is not a matter of right or wrong to love your own race, loving you own race is not a problem here, it will only be a problem when you keep your envy eyes on what the others may have as being regarded not as equal to as what you have. Whatever special privileges that the Malays had enjoyed today such as economic equity is “quid pro quo” to the special privileges of non-Malays that also had, for instance, the education rights such as their vernacular schools, therefore, the equality could also be in exchanged of the two privileges respectively.

Your instances are not only rhetoric but are rather platitude as to describe the current situation of Malaysia without being disregard of your impartiality. To make ones understand the root of the problems, ones need to learn the history of this country especially how we are here today. I shouldn’t be repeating the same arguments since they have been said many times here.

But one thing I’m quite sure for all of us here, not only you do love this country, all of us do too, but the harmony amongst races is only can be archived if only all of us know how to respect of what has being agreed upon, especially if they expect us to do the same to reciprocate with them.

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