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Monday, January 7, 2013

Husam Musa - Is he right ?

Kritis-Online.com - Good morning peeps ! How is everyone ? Me ? I am ok ma. Sitting sipping a cup of nescafe before I am off to work. Why Husam ? I have been observing his movements this past couple of weeks. Interesting.

We can all by now assume that he has be given orders to name and shame the umno bloggers. Under strict supervision by the pakatan leaders. Get the umno bloggers at all costs. It doesnt matter if the pakatan bloggers slander lie and kick dust in the air, its the umno bloggers that are always wrong. Always out to do no good.

When the pakatan bloggers played up the Sapina, till today we havent seen one. So is that defamation ? Is that slander ? Is that lies. Even we thought there was a Sapina. We "believed" in the credibility of this sapina. Where is it ! So Husam names and shames the liars from umno blogs, but fames and gives trophy's to the pakatan liars and slanders ? How convinient.

Than we have a judge who takes sides. We thought they wanted free and fair judges. Where ? Why didnt this judge just call up the whole family of these bloggers. How about their primary and secondary school teachers. Maybe even their bus drivers. That would be great wouldnt it. Get the whole jing bang to come to court. We can have a circus.

So is Husam right ? The pakatan bloggers can continue to slander lie and kick dust in the sky but their forbid the umno bloggers from doing the same. Pakatan bloggers are all saints. Should get sainthood awards from Husam but the rest........ When will this end. Come GE13 it wil.

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