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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

PTPTN Please Stop Giving Loans To Students Who Rallied

The outburst of demonstration demanding for the abolishment of PTPTN had been subsided after getting cold response since last Saturday up until today. Even then, there are still a few pro-opposition students who are still trying to gain the public's attention by camping at Dataran Merdeka.
Looking at their rudeness, the authority especially PTPTN should take active measures so that it could be a great lesson to them.
One of the measures that can be taken is to revoke their PTPTN loan for students who joined the rally.
The students' intention clearly showed that they fully object loans that are given by PTPTN. For them, the loan is considered as a burden and evil, even though it is clearly stated that no one or no law forces every student to apply for PTPTN.
Besides, most students who joined the demonstration, including those who are still camping at Dataran Merdeka seemed like they do not need the money for education.
Looking at their fancy gadget such as iPhone, iPad and Galaxy Tab is not hard for us to assume that they might have used their PTPTN loan.
That is the justification for PTPTN to revoke their loan that was approved so that it could be given to other students who are really in need.
But if there are still a few balance left of the loan in their hands, it is not wrong for PTPTN to get it back and to come up with a circular asking them to pay off their loans.
On the question of how would they find sources to pay for their studies, it is up to them to think about it. Now that they are rejecting PTPTN, they should have their own methods, right?
Let them be independent in finding money to pay for themselves. Or if they are lucky, perhaps PKR Selangor government or Anwar Ibrahim himself would cover for their living cost and their studies once they are done with their studies. That is, if they manage to graduate

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  1. Kerajaan jangan lembik untuk ambil tindakan. Anak-anak muda ini semua sudah melampaui batas.

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