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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Zahid Hamidi is Still Sexy !

Zahid is Still Sexy !

Hellooooo peepsss ! I just read a comment about this dude Zahid Hamidi in Malaysiakini. Wow ! They really dug their nails into him yeah ! Hey come on, don't you think Zahid is still sexy for his age ? He has maintained his style and look so well all these years, so who wants to take a dive at him ?

Does Ivy really know what Zahid meant ? Or was she too busy tweeting that she forgot to ask her 'Malay' friends what it meant and just assumed that it was Sexiest and thus Zahid needed to be pilled with accusations from a person who forgot the main thing about being in this business...... ask and if you don't understand, ask again. Why dig into Zahid ? Did he do nothing for the NGO's all his while as a politician ? Did he not support the many NGO's especially when it involved women when we really needed it ?

All we do is spatter at every thought that comes to our mind on tweeter without checking with the brain first. And then that takes me to the comments by none other than my people in the Malaysiakini. All seem oblivious of the meaning and as usual, the hate trant and shouting matches take over accusing this sexy Zahid about something that he had not said or has been taken out of context because my people seem to be living in LA LA LAND. What do you expect when we all go to Chinese schools and have to chance to mix with the other races ! This is the sort of trant that comes out. Is it our fault we GET SENT to Chinese Schools ? To learn about everything other than the majority race in our country. I'm not going to defend the bad hats and corrupt leaders but this is such a below the belt hit, as usual from Malaysiakini because they have absolutely no real news for its readers nowadays, hence the drum beating and shouting matches.

As for Mr Zahid Hamidi, you are still one sexy dude. You keep it up. There are so many WORSE than you and we hope that you keep supporting us in the women NGO's, forget this group as all they want to do is wear gloves and grope at anybody coming by. Like you.

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