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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Air Asia boss buys Queens Park Rangers with Who’s Money ?

Why is it that all over the world the super rich, rich because of the government, spend their money buying high street English Football Clubs ? Why is it that way ? Look at Thailand and Rusia. And other countries ? Don't you feel a bit uneasy and sick when the people in the home country are still suffering and we have high flying tycoons buying English Football Clubs.


Yes, the excuse is its their money. Yup, they earned half a billion ringgit running an airline. Can you believe that ? The investment came from the government, the planes, land and people management came from government grants, grants that are fast expiring causing a merger that is out of the extraordinary. And they go round telling everyone its their money, they earned it so it doesn't matter where they spend it on.


I am a bit cheesed off with this and I guess many are too. With the world economy on a downturn, our on country trying to Transform into a better standard of living, we have individuals spending laviously our hard earned tax payers money on English Football Clubs. What would the English have to say to this ?


We should start tweeting David Cameroon the PM there and give him a piece of our minds. Stop letting semi developed countries to buy up into football teams there. Where one team purchase could probably feed the whole of Kelantan state.


Listen, its my hard earned tax payers money and I believe that the deal is rotten. What returns do we have. Zero. It all goes to the British.

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